Mickey Rabina

President and Chief Executive Officer


Even though the real estate industry has changed dramatically over the many decades that we have been in business, our culture has allowed us to thrive. We relish challenging opportunities where we can deploy our talents to find and execute simple and understandable paths to profitability. We like to learn, and reinvent ourselves every decade or so, but prefer to do this on the back of core assets that provide us the strength and luxury to play and have fun. We are disciplined, focused, grounded investors which helps us exit markets before they get frothy and re-enter markets when cash and financing are scarce commodities. Each of us is an independent thinker and is empowered to make decisions in a remarkably flat organizational structure. Having a long time horizon is our advantage. This is who we are. It is our culture and we are excited to come to work every day.

Tom Vogel

Chief Financial Officer

How has working at Rabina changed your perspective about the real estate industry?

In a word: diversity. There are only two common factors to Rabina Properties' investments: an opportunity to create value and real estate. Our acquisitions range from bankruptcies to distressed Mello Roos bonds, from vacant buildings to single tenant occupancies. Our holdings have ranged from apartment to office buildings, and from vacant land, to distressed debt. Learning how diverse real-estate investments can be is part of what makes our job so interesting.

What should a potential investor or partner know about Rabina?

Our partners and investors take comfort in knowing that their interests are always aligned with ours. At Rabina Properties, we invest our money side by side, and we spend our energy maximizing value for everyone. Potential investors should also know the team they have a relationship with will likely never change. Our senior team all have over 10 years at the company, which provides great stability in asset management. This long-term approach focuses the Rabina Properties team on maintaining our reputation as a trustworthy partner.

Lynne Lawrence

Senior Vice President

What should a potential investor or partner know about Rabina?

We're dedicated to our partners and investors. We spend every day working hard to earn the trust and confidence you've placed in us. Your money is our money, and we never lose sight of our fiduciary responsibility to you. Expect transparency and regular reporting when we update you on your investment.

We're fortunate to have a diverse group of partners that have been investing with us for decades, many from fields other than real estate. That diversity of perspectives is invaluable, and being open to it only makes us better investors – as demonstrated by our track record of producing overwhelmingly positive returns for our partners across a wide range of assets.

Why do you continue to work at Rabina Properties?

After 25 years, it just doesn’t get old! Every day presents a new challenge, a new opportunity or a new perspective. Mickey has created and fostered an entrepreneurial environment that enables us all to “own” our work, which gives us the space to navigate and execute on our investment strategy.

Couple that freedom with the fact that I get to do it every day with people whom I trust, admire and think of as family--it just doesn't get any better than that.

Jennifer Rabina

Senior Vice President

What has been the most rewarding project in your Rabina career?

Leading the sale of a family-owned development site. Working in the family business comes with a unique set of responsibilities. For some assets, we are stewards for multiple generations. Mickey’s parents bought a property in the early 1960s in what is now known as the NoMad district of Manhattan. In the early 2000s, we assembled development rights to amass a large assemblage. As land prices skyrocketed, the family decided to sell in 2015. Working with my colleagues to manage every aspect of the sale process and the myriad moving parts was intellectually intriguing and expanded my skill set. Knowing we had the family’s trust, and being able to deliver a wonderful result, was quite fulfilling.

How is a career at Rabina Properties different from any other job position you've held?

By being empowered to do good work. At Rabina Properties, we each have a set of responsibilities, but we also have the requisite authority to successfully perform our jobs. But even better, we work as a team and rely on each other to creatively solve problems and maximize opportunities. Mickey’s strong moral compass is a guiding force in how we all conduct ourselves, and with clear objectives, we are empowered to make decisions that are in the best interest of our stakeholders. Our jobs are made infinitely easier by the fact we are encouraged to be transparent, to view our tenants, lenders and contractors as our partners, and to simply do the right thing.

Zach Weinman

Senior Vice President

What has been the most rewarding aspect of your Rabina career?

At Rabina Properties, it’s been my privilege to work alongside and learn from colleagues who are guided by the highest ideals of integrity and who truly love what they do. We work hard, achieve excellent results, but most importantly we build relationships and have fun along the way.

What makes your approach to your job unique?

One of the first pieces of advice I ever received from Mickey, delivered in his characteristically simple way, was: “When you see a problem, go around it.” Since then, I’ve always tried to approach unexpected circumstances with flexibility and the knowledge that determination and persistence are invaluable in the face of challenges.

Michael DeLuca


What should a potential investor or partner know about Rabina?

There are a few reasons Rabina Properties' partners tend to become long-term investors willing to participate whenever invited. The first reason is our impeccable reputation in the market. Rabina is known for its honesty when dealing with partners, banks, vendors and other real-estate companies. We're also a transparent operation, and provide full, complete and frequent reporting to all of our partners.

What makes your approach to your job unique?

The whole work atmosphere that's been created at Rabina is unique. We're a relatively small, flexible group that provides whatever support and resources are needed. This collaboration creates an atmosphere of doing whatever is necessary for a project to succeed, not just trying to succeed at your specific task. Whenever we're successful in an undertaking, it's usually because of a team effort.

Eoin Fitzgerald

Senior Property Manager

What makes your approach to your job unique?

As a trained engineer, before coming to Rabina Properties I worked for a firm that specialized in the restoration of Manhattan office and residential buildings. Rabina has the advantage to include an engineer in the early stages of an acquisition, tenant buildout or capital project. Applying an engineer's expertise early in the process lets us move faster on a transaction and work collaboratively with the tenants' professionals to better inform design plans and construction documents. It also helps us avoid costly shutdowns by better assessing building systems for preventative maintenance.

How is a career at Rabina Properties different from any other job position you've held?

Unlike some other firms, the asset managers at Rabina Properties stay abreast of building operations and improvement projects, which cuts through layers of inefficiency and keeps projects moving ahead. The approval process can be granted in as little as a day, allowing for better project control, project timing and less delays. This frees us up to take on and complete more complex projects faster than other companies.

Margarita Lagani

Senior Property Manager

What should a potential investor or partner know about Rabina?

When investors or partners choose Rabina, they will quickly learn that we are dedicated to protecting their investment and delivering the best possible returns, while demonstrating the highest levels of professionalism. We are guided by high ethical standards, respect and trust, all fundamental in creating and maintaining long term relationships with our partners.

Why did you continue to work at Rabina Properties?

I love that Rabina is a company where every member of the team values our guiding principles and ideals and supports one another. It is rewarding to overcome the challenges that come my way - whether I am working on an acquisition or a sale project with members of our team, or just managing my daily responsibilities, I leave work every day proud of what we accomplished, knowing our team works together to deliver great results.