Charlotte Plaza | Charlotte, NC
Charlotte Plaza | Charlotte, NC

About Rabina Properties

Rabina Properties is a real estate investment, development, and management firm based in New York. Family-owned and operated for three generations and more than sixty years, Rabina Properties owns more than seven million square feet of apartment houses, office buildings, retail properties, and industrial sites.

We have built our company by investing our own money in opportunities across all product types. Our long-term view, the experience of our team, and our flexible approach have allowed us to react to the dynamics of any particular business cycle and generate consistently solid returns over the years.

We are currently expanding our portfolio through the development of two thousand apartments, office acquisitions, and industrial projects. We remain poised for new challenges with a team that possesses the experience and talent to adapt to whatever comes next.

Our Guiding Principles

  • Think simply and fundamentally. A deal must pass the back-of-the-envelope test.
  • Invest in asset types we know and be open-minded in applying those underwriting skills to new challenges.
  • Work with best-in-class partners where each side contributes expertise in addition to equity.
  • Make sure our investors’ and partners’ interests are aligned with our own.
  • Invest with a long-term mindset, but be nimble and flexible in response to changing circumstances.
  • Solve problems collaboratively, drawing on the skills, experience and creativity of our team.
  • Behave morally. It is who we are.